New Solos from Sequential Studies for Four-Mallet Marimba

There are 8 new solos in this book.  The first two are short and have specific functions related to their place in the book.  At my son's first soccer practice at 5 years old, the coach taught basic skills for the first thirty minutes.  But during the last ten minutes of practice, the played a scrimmage.  They hardly knew any rules and barely knew how to kick the ball (let alone in the right direction!), but it was a "real" game.  It is my hope that after thirty minutes of learning some basic four-mallet skills (Lesson 1 and 2), a student would be able to play through the first solo with some success.  (assuming reading music is already learned)  It might not be note perfect (after all, not every little boy scored a goal that first "game") but could be played with enough enjoyment to come back again the next day for more practice and maybe even Solo #2.


The other six solos are excellent and focus on different technical or musical concepts.  Two of them are arrangements and four are original compositions written specifically for this book.  Below are the first pages of each of the original compositions.  Video recordings are available on the youtube channel - Marimba Levels.



The Clock is Ticking by Brian Tate

The Clock is Ticking, pg. 1
Clock pg 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [899.1 KB]

Andante for Marimba by Keith Larson

Andante for Marimba, pg. 1
AM pg 1.pdf
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Lifting Spirits by Tracy Thomas

Lifting Spirits, pg. 1
LS pg 1.pdf
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Hannah's Waltz by Ricardo Souza

Hannah's Waltz, pg. 1
HW pg 1.pdf
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