Level 2 AVERAGE Description

1.  key signatures - 0-3 sharps and flats

2.  time signature - mixed simple duple

3.  rhythm - add quarter and eighth note triplets

4.  form - theme & variations; song form (chorales); motivic based sections

5.  accompaniment - easily supports or doubles soloist

6.  strokes- add single alternating at slow stroke speed

7.  add octave in RH at slow stroke speed; chorale tempo - 120-140 for 2nds-6ths; more movement between the manuals

8.  introduce linear lines (single lines played by inner mallets); more manual changes with single independent strokes

9.  rolls - hand-to-hand, no octaves, two-mallet roll (inner mallets)

10.  average duration - 1' 40"

Level 2 Repertoire

This is a partial list of the analyzed pieces at this level.


From Books

Progressive Solos for 3-4 Mallets by Murray Houllif and James Moore

Loch Lamond

German Dance


4-Mallet Marimba Solos by Anthony Cirone

Etude #1

Etude #4

Etude #9


Marimb'un by Marie-Francoise Bonin



Marimba Technique Through Music by Mark Ford




Impressions on Wood by Julie Davila



Image:  20 Children's Songs for Marimba by Bart Quartier

Crocodile Tears (#4)


Original Solos

Zen Wanderer by Mitchell Peters


Four Spans on London's Bridge by Jeffrey T. Parthun, Sr.