Level 3 AVERAGE Description

1.  key signatures - modal tonalities and pentatonic scale

2.  time signature - compound meter

3.  form - rondo

4.  expanded Italian vocabulary

5.  strokes - double vertical, more movement between the manuals at a slower tempo; more linear lines (mallets 2/3) per piece); single alternating faster, introduce double lateral strokes

6.  intervals - octaves in chorales, DV 2nd-6th - 141-160 repeated notes; SI 121-150; SA 120-160 no manual movement; DL 3rd-6th 96-120

7.  independence - alternating hands non-lateral/lateral strokes; easy alberti-bass

8.  rolls - octaves in the chorales, some manual motion

9.  average duration - 2' 30"

Level 3 Repertoire

This is a partial list of the analyzed pieces at this level.


From Books

Image: 20 Children's Songs for Marimba by Bart Quartier

From the Cradle (#1)

Stepping Stone (#3)

Santa Cluas (#5)

Mobile (#7)


Marimba Technique Through Music by Mark Ford



Bonnie Brae




Fundamental Solos for Mallets by Mitchell Peters




Original Solos

Sea Refractions by Mitchell Peters

Rain Dance by Alice Gomez

Five Pieces for Anais, No. 1 by Rudd Wiener

Elegy for Alpha by Steve Riley

Ghost River by Stephen Crawford

Dream Sequence #1 by Tracy Thomas



Colors by Todd Ukena

Prayer by Richard Gipson

Amazing Grace arr. Linda Maxey

The Lord's Prayer arr. Julia Hillbrick(Gaines)