Level 4 AVERAGE Description

1.  key signature - 0-4 sharps/flats

2.  time signature - odd-meter, complex meter, no meter/rely on beaming

3.  rhythm - 2:3 polyrhythm, 16th triplets

4.  style - more idiomatic writing; groove oriented feel

5.  other languages more present in musical vocabulary; implied phrase beamings; easy chord changes; grace notes

6.  wingspan up to 3.0 octaves

7.  DV strokes - 2nd-6th frequent wrist changes 121-140; less at 141-160; two repeated notes at 161-180

8.  SI strokes - 151-180 repeated notes, no manual motion

9.  SA strokes - 121-160 some manual changes; 161-180 no manual changes; 2nd 90-120 between manuals

10.  DL - 3rd-6th 96-120 some manual changes; 121-140 no manual changes

11.  Triple strokes - 96-120 no manual changes

12.  independence - overlapping/mirroring lateral strokes; unison/mirror lateral strokes; overlapping non-lateral/lateral strokes; easy hand-crossing

13.  rolls - introduce mandolin roll

14.  average duration - 2'45"

Level 4 Repertoire

This is a partial list of the analyzed pieces at this level.


From Book

Marimba'un by Marie-Francoise Bonin

Mister C


Impressions on Wood by Julie Davila

Jonathan's Light


Marimba Joy by Eckhard Kopetzki

Spooky Waltz

Dance of the Snowflakes

Lucky in Love


Original Solos

Yellow After the Rain by Mitchell Peters

Hymn for an Angelic Child by Gus Burghdorf

Fantasy for Marimba by Jeff Brown

Dances of the Witches by Eckhard Kopetzki

Dream Sequence #2 by Tracy Thomas

Marimba Dances I and III by Ross Edwards

The Offering by Michael Burritt

Suite Mexicana, I and III by Keith Larson

Marimba Flamenca Alice Gomez



A Little Prayer by Evelyn Glennie

Chorale Without Time by Josh Gottry