Level 5 AVERAGE Description

1.  Tonality - intervallic based, 2nd-7th; some atonal concepts; no key signature

2.  Rhythm/Meter - more syncopation; quintuplets and septuplets

3.  Style - baroque transcriptions

4.  expanded chord changes; expanded Italian expression vocabulary; glissando; sticking interpretation required

5.  DV 2nd-6th, 181-200 2 strokes, same notes; 141-160 constant notes with some motion; 161-180 3-6 strokes with little movement; 7th-8th 121-140 with lots of manual motion, 141-160 constand with little motion; 161-180 2 strokes same notes

6.  SI - 151-180 3 strokes w/1-2 manual changes/bar; 181-200 3 strokes or less w/no motion

7.  SA - 3rd-6th 121-160 much motion; 161-180 1-2 turns/bar; 181-200 no motion; 2nd 121-160 between the manuals; 7th-8th 90-120 no motion

8.  DL - 3rd-6th 96-120 much motion; 121-140 less motion; 141-160 no motion; 2nd 121-140 between manuals; 7th-8th 96-120 0-3 wrist turns/piece

9.  TS - 3rd-6th 96-120 some motion, 121-140 little motion; 2nd 90-120 between manuals

10.  Combo strokes - non-lateral, 3rd-5th DV/SI 140-160; 6th-8th DV/SI 100-120; lateral/non-lateral, SI/SA 101-120; lateral strokes 4th-5th SA/DL 96-120 (16ths); linear line - SI/DL/TS 96-120

11.  Independence - unison parallel non-lateral strokes; unison parallel lateral strokes; overlapping parallel lateral strokes (SA); alberti bass with changing notes

12.  Rolls - double lateral/ripple, 3rd-6th no movement

13.  Average Duration - 3' 30"

Level 5 Repertoire

This is a partial list of the analyzed pieces at this level.


From Book

Funny Mallets, Book 1 by Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

Silvias Lied

Ballade for Petra

Sypsha Igra


Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba, Vol 1 compiled by Nancy Zeltsman

Two Pieces for Solo Marimba, I. Invention

Two Pieces for Solo Marimba, II. Hal's Daisy

Two Little Movements, No. 1

For Dean Primmer


Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba, Vol 2 compiled by Nancy Zeltsman

Dust Devil

through Lapland


Original Solos

Echoes by Kevin Bobo

Rotation IV:  Four Rotations for Marimba by Eric Sammut

Etude in CM, op. 6 no. 10 by Clair Musser

Etude in BM, op. 6 no. 9 by Clair Musser

Dream Sequence #3 by Tracy Thomas

Restless by Rich O'Meara

Waltz by Paul Bissell

Monograph IV by Richard Gipson



Elegy by Gordon Stout

Light in Darkness by Evelyn Glennie

Giles by Evelyn Glennie