Level 6 AVERAGE Description

1.  tonality - more intervallic based (3rd/6th)

2.  time signature/meter - more divisions /16; 3:4 polyrythm, 32nd, 32nd triplet

3.  form - increased motivic and thematic structures

4.  style - minimalist, romantic transcriptions, more improvisation

5.  implied sticking beaming, expanded English vocabulary in expression markings

6.  wingspan - up to 3.5 octaves

7.  DV strokes - 3rd-6th - two strokes, sames notes (101-120 - 16ths); 7th-8th -more motion 161-180, two same strokes 181-200

8. SI strokes - 151-180 4-8 strokes, no manual changes

9. SA strokes - 3rd-6th 101-120 (16ths) 0-3 wrist turns/piece, 7th-8th, 121-160 0-3 wrist turns/piece; 8th+ slow with no motion

10.  DL strokes - 3rd-6th 121-140 lots of movement, 161-180 no movement; 2nd between manual 141-160, same manual 96-120; 7th-8th 121-140 no wrist turns; 8+ 96-120 no motion

11.  Triple strokes - 3rd-6th 96-120 lots of motion, 2nd 121-140 betwen manuals, 7th-8th 96-120 little motion

12.  Combination strokes - non-lateral strokes 3rd-5th DV/SI 161-180; non-lateral strokes 6th-8th DV/SI 121-140; lateral/non-lateral SI/SA 121-140; lateral/non-lateral SA/DV 80-90 (16ths); linear line SI/DL/TS 121-140

13.  Independence - overlapping lateral strokes

14.  Rolls - DL/ripple with manual changes; single independent roll - 5th-8th RH, LH 5th

15.  average duration - 4'

Level 6 Repertoire

This is a partial list of the analyzed pieces at this level.


From Book

Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba, Vol 1 compiled by Nancy Zeltsman

Three Small Adventures II.

The Zebra

Have you Met Lydia?


Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba, Vol 2 compiled by Nancy Zeltsman

Cinnabar Heart

Morning Thoughts

Tune for Nep


Original Solos

Uncommon Times by David Steinquest

Rotation II:  Four Rotations for Marimba by Eric Sammut

Una Limosnita por Amor de Dios arr. by Nathan Daughtrey

October Night, II by Michael Burritt

Frogs by Keiko Abe

Virginia Tate by Paul Smadbeck

Parody by Jesse Monkman

Land by Takatsugu Muramatsu

Prelude in E minor:  Three Preludes by Ney Rosauro



Reverie by Gordon Stout

October Night, I by Michael Burritt